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Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center

Through the creation of competency-based curriculum, diverse and effective professional development training and opportunities, and replicable workforce/program development models and offerings, MATEC affects change in the field of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) education. MATEC’s materials and services are a collaborative effort between education and industry, working through a close and responsive partnership between the public and private sector. As the need for more highly skilled technicians in the semiconductor manufacturing field grows, MATEC has positioned itself to continue to be the leader in SMT education and industry collaboration.

MATEC Mission
With its partners in education and industry, MATEC develops programs, materials, and training that enables students, faculty, and technicians to continuously master the evolving competencies in science, mathematics, technology, and communications required by the workforce of the semiconductor, electronics, and advanced manufacturing industries.

MATEC Vision
MATEC is the worldwide leader in education and industry collaboration, supporting the ongoing development of a highly skilled workforce.

Other MATEC Projects:
eSyst: Provides tools and resources to support electronics technology and electronic systems education.
High Tech U (HTU): An industry-driven career exploration program for high school sophomores and juniors
that promote math, science, technology, and engineering skills.
Work-Ready Electronics: Enhancing technician education and training in the field of electronics.
NACK Network: Supports the development of two-year degree programs in micro- and nanotechnology across the country.

Other ATE Centers:
ATE Impact Site: Provides information about all of the NSF funded Advanced Technological Education Centers.