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Lots of news on this front. A recent press release from MIT announced the launch of a new Center for Mobile Learning dedicated to transforming education and learning through innovation in mobile computing. The Center's formation is seeded by a gift from Google.

A new Pew research report about Americans and their phones, showed among other things, that fully 1/3 of all American adults own a smartphone of some kind. They have unique patterns of use compared to other cell users as in the chart.

Smartphone users

Online College has recently highlighted 10 major trends in this area. According to the post, "Mobile learning isn't just catching on in schools and colleges, it's also becoming a part of the workplace training experience as well, providing information and a new format for testing understanding. With many businesses already supplying workers with smartphones for work, it makes sense to get the most out of these devices as possible. One way companies are doing this is by having experts share their expertise, either through blogs or a series of podcasts. Additionally, mobile devices are an excellent source of reference information should an employee ever encounter a situation with which he or she isn't familiar. Performance support for employees can help reinforce their training and make for a stronger more confident workforce–something every business is undoubtedly looking to establish.
Cell Users

As educators it is sometimes hard to get our arms around this. But here is what I know: when teams of students develop and app using AppInventor to explain a technology concept to other students, we will have some genuine learning going on!

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