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Graphics, Animation, and Simulation

Visual information plays a major role in MATEC modules. Years of cognitive and educational research have clearly shown that humans process information more quickly when it is presented in a pictorial or spatial format, compared to verbal (e.g., text or speech) or symbolic (e.g., abstract symbols used in math, chemistry, and statistics) information alone. Additionally, when graphic information is used appropriately in instructional materials, learners can comprehend complex systems and concepts better and retain the information in memory longer. Simulations and animations are often employed in MATEC modules to give learners a clear understanding of high-tech equipment, complex concepts, and physical events that are otherwise impossible to observe or reproduce in the classroom. Sound is used to direct attention and make animations and simulations more interesting. However, MATEC provides all the information needed in standard text and graphic formats to accommodate those who may not have the multimedia capability needed to present high-resolution visuals and sound presentations to their students. The links below show examples of visual presentations used in MATEC modules.



Digital Video & Photos

Charts and Diagrams


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