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How does the MATEC Curriculum relate to the SEMATECH Curriculum?

In 1993, the SEMATECH Technician Training Curriculum Task Force initiated a two-year project "to set benchmark standards in a common language for the development and delivery of education and training for the semiconductor manufacturing workforce".  At the 1995 SEMATECH Technician Training Workshop, the Task Force delivered a final comprehensive report profiling technical occupations in the industry and outlining the design, development and implementation of a two-year associate-degree program in semiconductor manufacturing that could be adapted to the various occupations.  In 1997 the Curriculum Task Force concluded its work and recommended that the curriculum be transferred to MATEC for continued upgrading, development and dissemination.

The final report also included an educational model outlining a recommended course of study for a technical degree in a two-year program of study in semiconductor manufacturing technology.  The three-tiered course of study includes a conceptual foundation in mathematics, chemistry and physics, a sound footing in the ability to work and communicate as a productive team member, and a core of technical skills in managing sophisticated manufacturing tools and processes.  MATEC has adopted this curriculum and recommends it to its partner schools.  The MATEC curriculum modules are designed to support courses specifically within the technical tier of the curriculum.  They focus on industry defined technical competencies.  The math/science and communication tiers are supported in the MATEC curriculum through the infusion of learning activities that support "core abilities".

The full report is available in PDF format (5.6MB).  Click here for the report.


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