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MATEC Learning Games

"What's Behind a MATEC Learning Game?"
By Kim Grady, M.Ed., MATEC Instructional Designer

Faculty and trainers who use the MATEC modules know that we often use games to help students master content and to practice critical thinking and troubleshooting skills. Here's why.

Research tells us that games are excellent teaching tools. Games provide high engagement and stimulate accelerated and effective learning.

Engagement can come though emotion, relaxation, and especially through fun.

Once learners are engaged, a number of elements can accelerate learning and make it more effective. They include creating an environment where questions and mistakes are part of the learning process, feedback and reinforcement come in many forms and from many sources, and challenge and expectation for success is high...

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MATEC's instructor-friendly teaching tool turns dry lectures into fast-paced learning games!

Questor is an interactive question and answer game platform that:

  • Engages students
  • Speeds up learning
  • Improves content retention
  • Can be easily customized with any content
  • Is effective for all learning levels from K-12 through the workplace
Questor can be obtained in three different ways:

1. Self-create your own games with the Questor CD-ROM
Use the stand-alone game engine to write an unlimited number of custom text-based question-answer sets for use in your class or training room. Screenshots of the Questor game engine: [play screen] [editor screen]

2. Ask MATEC to custom design specific Questor games for you
For more advanced game creation, contact MATEC to custom design specific games for you that leverage rich media such as video, audio and/or illustrations. We can also design a new learning game for your particular application.

3. Find existing Questor games on NetWorks
To find existing Questor games that are part of the MATEC Module Library, search NetWorks at keyword "games". Example from The Semiconductor Transistor Module 1:
[sample game]

Order the Questor Game Engine CD-ROM for the one-time fee of $49.95!

[order form]

If you are a current Questor user we would like to hear from you.

[Questor evaluation]


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